Thị trấn

Thị trấn là một tính năng trò chơi mang đến cho người chơi một khu vực mới để chơi và cơ hội để tăng xu, điểm kinh nghiệm, và điểm danh tiếng bằng cách điền vào du khách thị trấn đơn đặt hàng.

Nó hoàn toàn có thể được mở khóa ở Lever kinh nghiệm tay nghề 34 bằng cách sửa chữa thay thế sân ga nằm trong trang trại .Từ Lever nổi tiếng 3 trở lên, nó được cho phép người chơi tương tác với khu bảo tồn .

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Going to the town

Repairing the farm’s train station costs 39,000 coins, takes three days ( or 97 diamonds ) and awards 39 experience points. After taking the handcar to go to the town players must repair the town’s train station and the Town Hall. It is không tính tiền to repair these .

Town buildings

There are several buildings in the town ( see the map below ) :

  • the Eggspress train which brings visitors to the town
  • the train station to allow more visitors in the town
  • the Town Hall to keep track of visitors
  • service buildings to fill visitors’ orders
  • the personal train to pick up visitors from your neighborhood
  • the book stand and the sanctuary on the far right (not shown on the map)
  • animal shelters for sanctuary animals
  • the handcar to go back to the farm

Town characters

Bài chi tiết: Hay Day

Mr. Wicker, a talking scarecrow, guides players through the first steps when they unlock the town and later when they unlock the sanctuary .

Bài chi tiết: Town Visitors

Ten different non-player characters come to visit towns and request orders in the different service buildings .


Bài chi tiết: Decorations

Many items can be placed in the town to decorate it, and create paths and fences .


Bài chi tiết: Expansion

Players can expand the town using expansion supplies .

Layout Edit Mode

Bài chi tiết: Edit Mode

From experience level 34 onwards, players can use the Layout Edit Mode to edit the current layout of their town and to create new ones .


Strategy tips

  • There is much more room in the town than on the farm so expanding the land there is not as critical.
  • Town is the BEST way to level up in the game. Keep serving the visitors and playing regularly, you can get a lot of tools each day from the town.
  • Start working on your town as soon as possible. Upgrade your Town Hall and all the buildings so that you can get extra XP and Coins. However, upgrading the XP/Reputation and Time tab is recommended first.
  • The visitors in Gift Shop mostly request the products from Loom, Sewing Machine, Candle Maker & Hat Maker.
  • You can find a floating chest in the beach occasionally which you can give you different rewards.
  • Upgrading the Personal Train requires a lot of bars, however, upgrading the time tab is recommended first so that you can pick up townies from your neighborhood friends every 1 hour and 30 min.
  • Opening the land in Town requires Map Pieces just as Land Deeds in the farm which can be very occasionally found in the newspaper.
  • The amount of tools keep increasing with each upgrade you make on the buildings.
  • To Level Up in the town is really hard. Continuous and Non-Stop playing is preferred to increase your reputation level and upgrade the buildings.
  • LEVEL 38 is the last level on which you can finally max your all buildings 100%.

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